Optional Service Contract

Unlike the big box stores, we service everything we sell. You can call us for service whenever a problem develops, but we also sell a scheduled maintenance contract that will assure that your unit is constantly in top working order. The contract includes:

  1. Start unit. Check basic condition of engine and generator.
  2. Check governor response and set speed.
  3. The entire equipment lubricated and the oil changed if the running time meter indicated more than 100 hours operation since the last oil change. (One per year)
  4. Fuel tanks and lines to be inspected for the purpose of determining if excessive sludge or rust is collecting. All fuel filters and sediment bowls to be cleaned.
  5. Check equipment for fuel, lube oil, or water leaks.
  6. Check condition of batteries and report any action necessary for recharging or replacing.
  7. Clean and refill air cleaner. (Oil bath)
  8. Check brushes on generator for proper setting and operation. (As required)
  9. Clean commutator and slip rings.
  10. Check automatic transfer switch for proper operation and clean all contacts.
  11. Check all instruments for proper operation.
  12. Serviceman to take lube oil sample to be sent for laboratory testing and copy of their analysis shall be sent to the proper customer personnel.(one per year)
  13. Instruct proper personnel on operating and upkeep procedures between regular calls by Professional Engine Systems, Inc. service personnel.
  14. After all of the above, run generating set and conduct test. (Under building load where practical)
  15. Upon customer request, Professional Engine Systems, Inc. can furnish a portable Load Bank to exercise the generator set under assimilated full load emergency conditions without interruption of existing commercial power within the facility. (Cost to customer available upon request)
  16. Submit report to the owner, of this entire inspection, advising of any further parts or work required.

Items Covered

  • Two visits per year
  • Check engine speed
  • Lubricate everything
  • Check fuel source and line
  • Check for leaks
  • Battery check
  • Check air cleaner
  • Check generator
  • Check communtator and slip rings
  • Check functioning of transfer switch
  • Check all instruments
  • Sample and test lubrication for contamination
  • Answer questions
  • Provide detailed report

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