Home Backup Systems

Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing that your home will always have the power it needs to be safe and comfortable. Your home will remain warm if an ice storm knocks out power for days, and your refrigerator and freezer contents will be safe and available. Lights, television, computers will all function normally, even when the grid is malfunctioning.

Home Backup Power is Affordable and Automatic

  • Guardian generatorGuardian Home Backup Systems by Generac Power Systems, Inc.
  • Beautifully designed and well-constructed systems to provide many years of worry-free backup power
  • Fully encased to protect them from the elements, to minimize noise, and to be attractive
  • Automatic transfer switches toggle your power source from the grid to the Guardian system within seconds of a loss of power and remain on until power from the grid is restored
  • Powered by natural gas or propane
  • Optional Automatic Transfer Switches have load shedding capability, which allows them to momentarily cut off power to non-critical functions if the instantaneous power demand exceeds the capacity of the generator

The size that you buy will depend on how much of your power needs you will want to backup. An online worksheet will help you determine what size is right for your needs.

  • Our price includes
    • Transfer Switch and Battery
    • Delivery (If we can access the location with our truck, we will set the unit in place with our crane. )
    • Complete check of the unit once it is installed
    • Demonstration of how the product works
  • We can prepare the site for an extra fee or provide instructions on how to prepare the site.
  • Note that the law requires that the a licensed plumber install the gas line and a licensed electrician tie in the unit to your home's power system.
  • We also have yearly service contracts to make sure that the system is always ready in case of loss of power.